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Ain’t No Mo’ Vinyl Installation

For Jordan E. Cooper’s new play titled Ain’t No Mo’, there was a desire to create an experience leading up to the theater that prepares patrons for a responsive ask once in the space. With the play centering around a flight to Africa, the main plot thread that viewers return to throughout the story is an airport and a flight attendant named Peaches. This vinyl installation combines Paula Scher’s Public branding with that of airport jargon as it relates to Aint No Mo’ and Peaches, the flight attendant who carries us through her world.

Animated Joe’s Pub Poster

Created while taking a Cooper Union Course, “Animation for Typographers,” the prompt for this motion piece was to animate a printed poster into being from nothing. Using a poster I designed for a Joe’s Pub show in the 2017–2018 season, I aimed to utilize the blurred TV effect as it related to a time-based realization of what was once a static poster.

Cause & Effect Animation

My first piece of Motion Design work created in the “Typography for Animators” course taken at The Cooper Union. The prompt for this project was to tell a story using shapes. I wanted to stray from the “two shapes enter from each side” pattern that was apparently common in these exercises while also creating something that could loop successfully in desired by the viewer. 

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