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A collaborative publication created with the central theme of play. Each collaborator designed a signature of the magazine, expanding on different themes using various playful directives set at each developmental stage of the process. 

The content for this signature began with research in regards to the social benefits that recess time provides children. 

By being given time for independent play in the form of recess, children are provided a platform to create relationships, get active, and also resolve conflict free from a structured setting with an adult present. Through a directive to visit the sociology section of the library, I found a "quick-fix" book on conflict resolution. 

This is what became the basis of content for a quasi satirical commentary on ways in which we would like to simplify conflict, when in reality it can be anything but a "quick fix".

Dimensions: 8" x 10" 

This book was printed using a Risograph and a CMYK printer. The cover of this publication was designed by myself, Rachel Bowles, and Tricia Treacy, using visual motifs from the magazine.

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