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Miso v. Mono

With a prompt to explore the archives of NPR articles, a group project that resulted in four separate books was created surrounding what we found interesting via current events. 

Miso v. Mono is an informative narrative about two friends meeting for lunch who suffer from two different conditions: misophonia (rage induced by other's eating sounds) and monophobia (the fear of being alone). 

Our group sought to convey the frustration of the misophonic and the anxiety of the monophobic via different styles of drawing, and a growing scale of that visual. This narrative serves as a combination of entertainment of this scenario, and information on the two conditions that people truly experience.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

This book was created collaboratively with Sharon Hartsell, Adam Lucas, and Lauren Dunn. The sleeve for all four books was designed by myself, Taylor Clark, and Rachel Bowles with the help and guidance of Tricia Treacy. This book was printed using a risograph. 

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